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Wanda Webb is a New York-born and Texas-raised natural storyteller with a gift to connect.

Married to the love of her life and raising three beautiful children, she started her career life as a para-nurse, where she says she learned the profound gift of compassion, "The honor of being someone's hands and feet during their most vulnerable time of life was where God softened my heart and made me see people how He sees people."

As a military wife, she took on the entrepreneurship journey, hoping to be more present for her children during her husband's demanding deployments. "I feel like business raised me; real estate investing, taking products from thought to the marketplace, marketing, and team development all required the best out of me. I didn't have the privilege of failing… I had to be my best self for each business."

It was in entrepreneurship that she uncovered her fondest calling. "We were successful…and that's where the story should've ended, but it didn't. I saw so many people looking for clarity and a voice that could lead them and speak to their innermost thoughts to let them know that there was value there and that their dreams and callings weren't just possible…but necessary".

As she continued to break records in the industries she embraced, she also taught other women how to thrive in their purpose. "I am a witness that one perfectly placed relationship can change everything for someone… and I won't be that person for more people. I NEED more women to know that there is value buried deep down inside of them… unexposed gifts, talents, and world solutions…if I get the chance even to whisper hope to their most buried & hidden dreams, then I am blessed to be that vessel, and that is my mission."

Wanda Webb is still a leading top earner in the companies she owns & represents, a writer, investor, and a mentor to many. She spends her time keynote speaking, hosting workshops online & in person, and helping women reach their true potential.

RoseMarie Baez

Mom, wife and CEO of CJJ Solutions 

For years I had a flawed theory of control and it worked… temporarily. I used it to protect my heart and feel in control. I had so much to unlearn to live in peace and trust my own actions.  Example: I was really scared to get married. I had all the fears in the world against me but I learned to open my heart. For him it was the longest two years waiting while I worked on myself. For me it was the greatest two years that I dedicated and invested to better myself so I could deliver a better version of me as a wife. I am no longer afraid or letting fear control, I know God is working a miracle through us. We’re are now happily married, and I’ve used this new found bravery to launch and scale my own business. 

Francis Rodriguez

Co-Founder of “Crypto Queens” & Digital Income Coach 

 I used to be that person that when communication was tough or I felt I couldn’t get through to people I would shut down. I felt like silence was just better than me saying the “wrong things”. It came time to take my power back and didn’t even know it. Wanda “Taking my power back” series taught me: I DO have the right words. I DO have value and should voice how I feel. I CAN have a great open line of communication with my spouse. 


It’s even helped me in how I respond in business conversation. I’ve been able to reach more prospective clients and be seen as an expert in my field. 


Wanda Webb- this community, this series, YOUR GIFT (and just who you are!) have radically changed my life and I’m excited for what’s to come. THANK YOU!

Jamilia Heredia

“Moms & Money” host & black maternal advocacy expert 

 Knowing that I can get 1% better every day gives me hope. Realizing I can feel my emotions but I don’t have to stay there, I don’t have to listen to the narrative I’ve been telling myself, that shaming voice can be so loud. I’m so grateful for the vulnerability and transparency in this group it encourages me to continue getting to my real and best self. I’m using this to enhance my relationships, my parenting and even embarked in a new entrepreneurial journey that is stretching me outside of my comfort zone, I don’t run from risk or change, I’m embracing it and it’s changing my life for the best! 




You're ready. You wouldn't be here if you weren't. There is no greater priority than commitment to self growth. Every element of your life, from career to family, will benefit from a more developed and confident YOU. Your world deserves it, You need it! I look forward to meeting you and working with you towards that future you've been dreaming about. One small decision can change everything. I dare you to grow.